Our Pricing & Process

We Help Micro & Small Business

We build a price and value for every size and type of small business. With our tax reduction planning, you'll almost always find thousands in savings each year.

Serving Small Business & Entrepreneurs

One Solution for Books, Tax & Accounting

We love helping small business as well as independent contractors, solopreneurs, 1099 earners, construction companies and service businesses.

Book a Tax & Bookkeeping Analysis

We start with a free analysis to find ways to reduce taxes.

Cleanup the Books & Tax Reduction Plan

We'll cleanup your books and establish a pristine chart of accounts and then create a comprehensive tax reduction plan for your business.

Ongoing Bookkeeping & Easy Tax Returns

We'll keep your books up to date, pay in your taxes throughout the year, and then make tax season a breeze.

Custom Solutions for Every Business

Our Pricing

We'll build the perfect scope & pricing for your business.

Independent Contractors
For 1099 contractors, self employed and simple operations.
Simple business operations.
Year End Tax Returns
Tax Reduction Planning
Bookkeeping Services
Payroll Service
Low Levels of Complexity
Simple Tax Planning
Small Business or 1099 Contractor
Growing Small Business
For 2-5 employee small businesses with mid-level complexities.
Small business with mid-level complexities.
Everything from Independent Contractor
Quarterly CFO Meetings
Increased complexity and operations
Mid-levels of complexity
Mid-levels of tax planning
Increased transactions and number of accounts
More staffing
Scaling Businesses
For higher complexity small business and medium sized business.
Small to Medium sized business with higher complexities.
Everything from Growing
Increased meetings and financial guidance
Larger operations with greater needs
Higher Levels of Complexity
Higher Levels of Tax Planning
More accounts, transactions and complexities
Staff alternative


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