The Best Tax Accountants Near Chicago Illinois

We're on a mission to be the best tax accountant near Chicago, here's some other CPA's near Chicago, Bookkeepers near chicago and more.

Trevor Densmore
February 20, 2023

Top 10 Tax Accountants Near Chicago Illinois

Who are the best tax accountants in Chicago Illinois?

We're going to provide a list of the 10 best tax accountants in Illinois, to help small businesses find the best Tax Accountant Near Chicago, CPA Firm near Chicago, bookkeeper near Chicago, Payroll company near Chicago and more.

What are the best accounting firms in Chicago that specialize in helping small businesses with their business tax returns, bookkeeping and tax reduction planning?  Well, here at TJD Tax & Accounting Chicago, we passionately work to differentiate ourselves from the other tax accountants near Chicago.

There's quite a few lists of the best tax accountants in Chicago, such as Yelp, Expertise, Thumbtack, Upcity, TrustAnalytica, Clutch and More.

Who are the best tax accountants in the Windy City? The best Chicago based Tax Accountants and Bookkeepers are going to specialize in a small group of businesses, rather than doing thousands of tax returns for individuals.

Most Chicago Tax Accountants are too busy with individuals to provide the level of service that small businesses deserve.

How to Choose the Best Tax Accountants in Chicago:

Here are ten tips on what to look for when selecting your business tax accountant near Chicago.

Tips to Choose the Best Tax Accountant:

  1. They Should Focus on Year-Long Service
  2. They should specialize in small business
  3. They should not have hundreds or thousands of individuals
  4. They should have an integrated bookkeeping, tax strategy, tax return and payroll service
  5. They should provide leadership
  6. They should focus on pristine books to scale your business
  7. They should talk during the year, before it's too late
  8. They should have time for you and your business

Who's the best small business tax accountant in Chicago? Well, TJD Tax and Accounting is the leading small business tax accountant - but obviously we're biased.

List of the Best Tax Accountants & CPA's in Chicago Illinois.

We've pulled together a list of the other Chicago Tax Accountants that we know are helpful and worthy of recognition, but we would love to connect and earn your business.

#1 Tax Accountant Chicago - TJD Tax and Accounting

We are TJD Tax & Accounting Chicago Illinois, and we're on a mission to be the most valuable, helpful and wise tax accountants for our small business customers.  We know how hard it is to start and then scale a business, and we crafted our outsourced accounting approach to be exactly what's most helpful for small business.

We help you reduce taxes

All of our customers get pro-active, aggressive tax reduction planning, which you should expect from your Chicago Tax Accountant.

There's a hug difference in the taxes paid when you get pro-active tax reduction planning.

If you're making $60k - $120k a year, we can help you save $2,000 to $15,000 a year, but doing the fundamental tax planning that every Chicago Tax Accountant should provide.

If your business is making $150k - $500k a year, we've developed an approach and strategy that will help you mitigate risks of audits, while simultaneously shifting income into the most tax efficient entities and vehicles possible.

Our Tax Strategies Include:

  • Maximizing an S-Corporation
  • Hiring Children & Family Members
  • Proactively planning expansion & equipment
  • Business retirement plans like SEP IRA's, 401k's, Defined Benefit Plans & More
  • Fringe Benefits & Health Insurance
  • Multi-Company Strategies
  • Real Estate, Depreciation & Cost Segregations
  • Savings & Wealth Building
  • Trusts & Estate Planning

We do the bookkeeping with Tax Reduction Planning

We handle the bookkeeping each month for our clients, and unlike a typical Chicago Bookkeeping service, you'll have a tax reduction strategist engaged with your books, not a simple bookkeeper.

When we do your bookkeeping, you'll get pristine financials & guidance.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of an excellent tax reduction plan and business.

We will keep your books up to date every month, and we'll ensure you have a pristine chart of accounts and financial statements.

Your lenders and management team will love the reports they get, and it will help you scale your operation.

Our Bookkeeping Leads to Scalability & Risk Mitigation

We help eliminate mistakes in your bookkeeping, and we'll also help you manage cashflow and long term goals, so you can scale your business and make your vision come true.

We provide leadership to become more scalable & profitable.

The best tax accountants in Chicago are going to slow down, and place themselves inside your shoes, and help you create a financial plan and strategy to work yourself out of a job, and build the cash flow and equipment to grow.

Take the Tax Return Second Opinion Challenge

We'll Examine your Taxes & Find Savings!

Book a consultation with us, and we'll dive into your books and tax return, and we will diligently work to find ways to add more value than your current Chicago Tax Accountant.

#2 Tax Accountant Near Chicago Illinois - Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting

Our second pick in our list of the best tax accountants in Chicago Illinois is our friend, Darion Wiggs.  Darion is a wise tax accountant that helps businesses in similar ways to us.  We know that when it comes to choosing a great tax accountant in Chicago, we're proud to have such a fantastic relationship with Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting.

#3 Tax Accountant Near Chicago Illinois - John Griffin CPA

John Griffin CPA is a long standing Chicago based Tax Accountant and CPA, and he has built up over 89 reviews from his customers. John Griffin makes list of a great Chicago based Tax Accountants.

#4 Tax Accountant Near Chicago - Zagmout CPA

Another tax accountant in Chicago is Zagmout CPA. Andre Zagmout is the founding CPA, and they've amassed a great deal of good reviews from their customers, which allows them to make this list of the best tax accountants near Chicago.

#5 Chicago Based Tax Accountant - SRJ Tax

Our fifth pick for the best tax accountants in Chicagoland area is SRJ Tax. SRJ is an enrolled agent in Chicago, and has been doing business since 1975, which is a major reason we'd add SRJ Tax Chicago onto our list of best tax accountants near Chicago.

#6 Best Tax Accountants in Chicago - Zhou Agency

Zhou agency has helped hundreds of businesses as a tax accountant in Chicago for over 30 years. Justine founded and leads Zhou Tax agency, and has over 150 5-star google reviews.  She does a fine job and we're honored to add them to our list of favorite business tax accountants in Chicago.

#7 Tax Accountants Near Chicago - BuildAccounting

Build Accounting is another Chicago Based Tax Accountant that has lots of great reviews on Google, and provides a great deal of services such as payroll, bookkeeping, tax returns and more.  Build Accounting Chicago deserves to be on the list of best tax accountants in Chicagoland Region.

#8 Tax Accountants Near Chicago - Wilson & Associates

Wilson and Associates Tax is a CPA Firm near Chicago Illinois, and has been doing a good job with clients for quite some time.  Check out their website to find out the various tax accounting services they provide to Chicago small business.

#9 Tax Accountant near Chicago - D Tax People

D-Tax People Chicago is an interesting accounting firm that definitely deserves to be on the list, because they have amassed a ton of google reviews and their customers seem happy.  Check out D Tax people Chicago as a good tax accountant near us.

#10 Chicago Based Tax Accountant - Alexa CPA Group

Alexa CPA Group is a fantastic tax accountant in Chicago, that has built up quite the following and credibility on google with over 140 5-star reviews.  

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